10 Natural Products on Etsy for Pets Under $20

We all love our pets and want the best for them.  We want safe, natural products but don't always know where to look for them.  We've compiled a list of amazing handmade natural pet products from Etsy all for under $20!  Take a look and I'm sure you will find something you love for your dog or cat.

10 Natural Products for Pets.jpg

1. *A great alternative to chemical-laden ointments is this Healing Gel for Dogs. It's an all natural pet care gel made with plant-based ingredients including aloe and essential oils. Handmade by a holistic veterinarian, this is a great natural alternative for skin issues from infections to rashes to dry skin. Smells great, non-toxic and can be used on humans too! 

2. *This cute Organic Dog Treats-Posh Pup Travel Set for your dog contains organic homemade dog treats along with a travel bowl and a cute bandana! These vegetarian treats are made to order from all natural organic ingredients and are corn, sugar and preservative-free! 

3. *Cats are sensitive creatures and this all-natural Healing Gel for Cats is perfect for all of their skin issues.  A safe, holistic formula handmade with aloe, Chinese herbs and a touch of essential oils.  Great for wounds, abscesses, rashes and fungal infections.

4. *Does your dog have a dry nose or dry skin? This set of 4 tubes contains all natural ingredients such as soothing shea butter and essential oils.  You get 1 each of Nose Butter, Boo Boo Butter, Paw Butter and Elbow Butter.  Dog Nose to Toes Handcrafted, All Natural NOSE BUTTER®, Paw Butter, Elbow Butter, Boo Boo Butter 4-.15 oz Tubes for Your Dog's Discomforts

5. *Bad breath, mouth odor and red gums! Now there is a natural treatment for your pet's dental issues.  Pet Dental Spray is an all-natural formula, created by a holistic veterinarian, and is great before and after dental cleanings to keep bacteria down and help prevent tartar build-up.  

6. *Joints for your favorite frolicsome, feline?!?! Yes indeed, catnip filled joints for feline catnip lovers! Such a cute concept to deliver premium catnip for the kitty cats. For the active kitty who needs something to focus on or play with instead of your foot, these are cat approved. Just look at the pictures in the reviews, hilarious and adorable. These Catnip Joints Cat Toys among other lovely handmade catnip filled toys and gift baskets at this shop called StarkRavingCat

7. *A safe, non-toxic way to repel ticks and fleas is with this dog or cat collar made with raw baltic amber, lava rock and leather.  This practical, attractive Raw Amber - Lava Rock Collar is worn after your pet is clear of fleas and ticks to naturally repel pests. Baltic Amber, a natural fossilized tree resin.  When worn, the warmth of your pet's body activates the release of a piney scent that fleas and ticks hate. 

8. *Every pet needs an all purpose herbal pet spray in their first aid kit.  This natural Herbal Hot Spot Spray is the perfect thing!  Safe for dogs and cats, and is great for wounds, abscesses. cuts, hot spots, fungal infections, and rashes.

9. *To help make litter box maintenance easier, you will want the addition of this All Natural Cat Litter Box Cleaning Set  made up of 2 handmade, non-toxic, biodegradable products. The deodorizer, made from GMO-free baking soda and organic dried herbs, is sprinkled into the litter to help with eliminating odors. It comes in your choice of 3 herbal combinations. The Litter Box Cleaning Spray is used to wipe down the box when empty, to naturally disinfect and deodorize. 

10. *For a handcrafted, durable, ecofriendly canvas dog chew toy Rosa Floral Natural dog chew toy gift has a special one for your furbaby. The toy's outside fabric is upholstery grade with plump fiberfill made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Classy, colorful and patterned fabrics are used in the making of these lovely products at TheFoggyDog.

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