6 Reasons to Choose Natural Pet Products

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Why choose natural products over chemical-laden traditional products for pets? Here are 6 great reasons!

  1. Natural products are safer than synthetic products. Chemicals and synthetic products can absorb through the skin and be ingested by the pet to add to the toxin load in the body. These toxins will have to be cleared by the liver and kidneys. See my article here on ways to help cleanse the liver.

  2. Natural products use safe ingredients. Ingredients such as aloe vera, herbs, witch hazel and essential oils are safe, natural and plant-based. These safe, natural ingredients can be licked or ingested in small amounts by the pet without causing any ill effects. While there are safety concerns with using essential oils in cats, when used properly, in diluted amounts (like in our PawromaTherapy products), they can be very safe.

  3. Natural products are very effective. The history of using herbs and other plant-based products goes back hundreds and thousands of years with lots of evidence of safety. In my own practice, I have used my PawromaTherapy products on cats and dogs for over 15 years with great results.

  4. Natural products are better for the environment. Natural products don’t contain chemical or synthetic ingredients that can pollute the environment or get into our water supply. Plant-based, natural products break down naturally in the environment.

  5. Natural products don’t cause cancer. There are many chemicals and preservatives found in regular pet products that are known or suspected of causing cancer. Many of the pesticides used to kill fleas such as fipronyl and permethrins are potential carcinogens. By using my natural flea prevention such as my Herbal Flea Powder, there is no risk of causing cancer.

  6. Natural products contain organic ingredients. Using organic ingredients is much safer for your pet. There is no risk of chemical exposure that could lead or cancer to other problems. PawromaTherapy natural pet products are made with safe, natural ingredients that include certified organic or organically grown ingredients. They are made from at least 80% natural ingredients.

    Dr. Deneen Fasano is a holistic veterinarian in Altamonte Springs, FL. Contact Dr. Deneen or her clinic Animal Healing Solutions if you have any questions about using natural products for pets.

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