Testimonials for PawromaTherapy products

Healing Gel for Dogs:

“I began using the healing gel on Cooper last Wednesday. I try to use it 2x daily, but usually only make it once a day. I’ve already seen a big difference in his skin. He has severe skin allergies, yeasty feet which were tough and very swollen. We’ve tried many things, this is the first product that has helped. His skin is much softer and less swollen. He doesn’t seem to be in pain anymore. He also lost a lot of hair on his neck and chest. I’m seeing hair regrowth already. It smells great and a little goes a long way.” -Jane S.

“Works miracles and immediately provides relief.” -Debra E.

“I used the gel yesterday…My pup had a bite he was chewing. He couldn’t get comfortable till I put the gel on the bite! Lov your products!” -Ginger M.

“Wow, this helped my dogs tremendously!! One was bitten by another dog and this helped it heal very fast. The other has dermatitis and this soothed her inflammation. Will be buying again!
Update: I nicked one of my dogs with clippers. Bled horribly! I cleaned her up and applied this and it was healed in two days. My mother's groomer nicked her dog in the same area and he had to go to the vet and wear the cone of shame. I'm going to get her a jar if I can talk her into trying the holistic approach.” -Etsy customer

“I purchased this product for my dog Lena. Her red, itchy skin cleared in just a couple days. She felt relief every time I put it on her! The smell is great and the gel dried quickly after putting it on.” -Richard M.

Herbal Ear Wash

“I’m a groomer of over 20 years and I am very happy with this ear cleaner!!” -Etsy customer

Pet Dental Spray

“This is helping make Spencer's breathe fresher.” -Etsy customer