Dr. Deneen Fasano is available for in-clinic consultations in the Orlando, FL area at her office Animal Healing Solutions in Altamonte Springs, FL. While in-office visits are the preferred way for her to examine and treat your pet, sometimes this is not possible if you live out of the area. In this case, we can offer phone consultations.

What to expect from a phone consultation:

While I can’t diagnose without a proper examination, I can provide a second opinion and nutritional and supplement guidance based on lab results and recommendations from your regular veterinarian.

What you will get with a phone consultation:

  1. A thorough examination of all previous records, lab results and data.

  2. Diet recommendations and home-made diet formulation if necessary

  3. Supplement and herb recommendations

  4. Customized wellness plan for your pet


Call our office @407-308-7878 for more information.