Pet Dental Spray

Pet Dental Spray


All Natural Pet Dental Spray. A natural dental care spray for dogs and cats created by holistic veterinarian Dr. Deneen Fasano.

1 oz. oral spray for dogs and cats made with all natural ingredients. Dental care for your pets without chemicals.

Great for bad breath, dental disease, red and inflamed gums, periodontal disease and mild dental infections in dogs and cats.

Ingredients: Organically-grown Aloe vera, Colloidal Silver, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Organic Neem Oil and Organic Copaiba Oil.

Lift lips and spray onto gum area:

For Small Dogs Spray 2 pumps twice a day

For Large Dogs Spray 2-4 pumps twice a day

For Cats Spray 1-2 pumps once a day

Can be used daily. Can decrease dose in 2-4 weeks as symptoms improve.

*Safe for dogs, cats, and horses

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